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In The Media

News about JOHN and Glitter Films in the media. Click here to read customer reviews of JOHN.

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Aug 2010 AVN

2010 GAYVN Awards Nominees Announced
By: G. Zisk Rice

The GAYVN Awards, which annually recognize outstanding achievement across a number of categories in the gay DVD and online realms, on Tuesday announced the slate of finalists for 2010 honors... <<read article>>

Mar 2010 GayNZ

Kiwi director nails Feminist Porn Awards nods

Two films by New Zealand's first female porn producer have been selected for the Toronto Feminist Porn Awards... <<read article>>

Jan 2009 AVN

Glitter, Boulevard Sign Distribution Deal
By: G. Zisk Rice

Boulevard Distribution will represent New Zealand's Glitter Films in North America. <<read article>>

Jan 2009 X-BIZ

Boulevard Distribution Adds Glitter
First gay erotic feature produced in New Zealand will hit U.S. shores.

By JC Adams

MISSION HILLS, Calif. — The first gay adult feature produced and distributed in New Zealand will soon reach the U.S. Nascent wholesaler Boulevard Distribution has made a deal with Glitter Films to import its debut erotic feature "John" to the U.S. market. <<read article>>

Oct 2008 Info News

Porn Festival to Show Kiwi Flick

We have become quite used to New Zealand films being recognized on the international stage. So to hear that an independent kiwi film is selected for an international film festival will come as no surprise. However, when it’s a porn film festival, your mouth likely opens and you are asking yourself – do we even produce porn in New Zealand? .. <read article>

Oct 2008 AVN

Glitter Films' ‘John' to Bow at Berlin Porn Film Festival
By: G. Zisk Rice

‘John,' the first Guy Love production from female adult filmmaker Astrid Glitter, is also the first Kiwi film in the German festival... <read article>

Click here to read the full review.

Jan 2007 AVN

Review by Wes Collins

DVD John, the title character of this unconventional adult film - the first ever gay XXX feature from New Zealand - spends most of his screen time going from one trick to another, pining about his inability to snag a boyfriend. ... this is one of those rare attempts to integrate XXX action into a realistic story cast with real people rather than porn stars....

Real story, real people - recommend this New Zealand import to those desiring a change from standard studio product.

Click here to read the full review.

4 Jan 2007 New Zealand Truth
NZ Truth is New Zealand’s brightest newspaper.

True Solo Star
by John Landrigan

On a scale of nun (1) to nymphomaniac (10), New Zealand's latest bisexual adult film star Cadence Clearwater says she comes in at a sexy seven.

Read the complete article

20 Dec -
16 Jan 2007

Gay Express

Filling Stockings Across New Zealand
by Oliver Hall

This Christmas you might just find a copy of the first NZ made gay adult film JOHN under your tree. Oliver Hall caught up with JOHN's creator and Glitter Film's owner Astrid to find out more about the companies future plans and productions...

Read the complete article


26th Oct 2006

SX News

Trans-Tasman titilation!!
by Peter Hackney

"...So what’s it like? Happily, Glitter Films have managed to pull off something sexier than the usual gay porn flick. The use of ‘regular guys’, the novelty of a New Zealand rather than West Hollywood locale, and character development that gives the viewer a feel for each guy’s personality all lead to John varying significantly from the usual porn fare. And as we all know, variety is the spice of life, especially in matters erotic.."

Read full article ...


6th Oct 2006

The ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country. Melbourne’s most stylish, funniest, hippest Gay and Lesbian publication.


"Sometimes I can’t believe how challenging my job is - reviewing pornography is a real task [cough cough]. A Guy Love production from Glitter Films in New Zealand is proud to release “John”.

Something for everyone - shaving, toys, cut, uncut, married men - one thing that instantly struck me about this film is the sound track - fantastic to say the least, and something not normally associated with porno films - quite a pleasant change from the usual elevator music, in fact the entire score was specifically written for the film..."

Read the complete article online, Page 5


22 Sep 2006


Kiwi gay sex DVD: The lead actor speaks
22SEP06 - Matt Akersten

'In a candid interview with GayNZ.com, James West, 25, lead actor in "JOHN", New Zealand's first-ever professionally-produced gay porn DVD, has revealed what it was like behind the scenes ....'

Read the complete article online



13 - 26 Sep 2006 Gay Express

SEEN: JOHN porn DVD Launch

'That Kiwi gay porn DVD everyone's been taking about has finally been released! The launch party at K' Road's Supermarket featured limos and red carpet entrances. "Our biggest fear isn't the fear of failure. It's the fear of success," said director Astrid Glitter. We couldn't agree more.'

Read the complete article


August 2006

A gay show with a fruity twist.

Cream TV is the New Zealand based
hot-house for observational documentaries,
entertainment, comedy and format television.

Episode 22
Produced by Paul Hagan

Episode 22 of Kiwifruit, produced by Paul Hagan, aired in August 2006 featured a profile on JOHN. Here is an extract of that episode, courtesty of Kiwifruit, showing the JOHN feature.

Click here to view.


30th Aug - 12th Sep 2006 Gay Express

"It's the porn you can watch with your friends" The Porn Panel Review
Matt Akersten

Glitter Films gave express a preview copy of JOHN the first-ever Kiwi-produced gay porn DVD. So we thought it was time to assemble a 'porn panel' reviewing team ...

{excerpts from the review}

The kissing at the start was really nice ... I think it looks good - it does feel 'New Zealand' but not 'home-made' as such. They're building up a bit of a storyline - I'm intrigued to see what happens ... it's always good to see guys kissing. On american films like this they never have kissing ... Not on the stairwell, this is amazing! It's like somebody's fantasy life... This is f***king hilarious ... Better than Shortland Street...


6th July 2006

New Zealand Truth

NZ Truth is New Zealand’s brightest newspaper.

Lusty Ladies... by John Landrigan

KIWI babes are ripe and ready to get it on with lesbian lovers. That's the word from porn writer Susan Wolfe. "As many as 80 to 85% of woman would have sex with another woman," she said.

Susan Wolfe, her porn name, has written an x-rated film plot based on one of her erotic short stories for adult movie producer Astrid Glitter.

Although written for the enjoyment of both sexes, Wolfe says the erotic scenes and sensual girl-on-girl action will hopefully change porn's local audiences and ultimately the sexperiences of curious Kiwi lasses" ....

Read full article


20th April 2006

New Zealand Truth

NZ Truth is New Zealand’s brightest newspaper.

Skins on for skin flicks ... by John Landrigan

Safe sex messages are coming from the most unlikely source - a kiwi porn maker.

Astrid Glitter, New Zealand's only known female adult movie producers, says her stars wear condoms during filming.

Glitter does not rely solely on the compulsory Aids testing heralded in the US porn industry as making sex on screen safe....


26th Jan 2006

New Zealand Truth

NZ Truth is New Zealand’s brightest newspaper.

Porn music with kinky kiwi theme ... John Landrigan

KIWI music is known for it's penetrating sound, but a New Zealand muso is tuning up for some unusual resounding climaxes after scoring a porn gig.

Paul Hooligan jumped a the chance to write film scores for the work of budding new Kiwi porn producer Astrid Glitter.

"How often in your life do you get the chance to write a score for porn?" he says.

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