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(warning this trailer is R18)

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(V is for Vibrator)
Amy's Multi-Orgasmic Journey of Discovery

Introducing Cadence Clearwater as Amy, in her first adult film.

3 days rental for less than $4 US*
Running Time: 27 minutes

Frustrated by the lack of information and the overwhelming choice when looking for her first vibrator, Amy (Cadence Clearwater) takes advice from her friend Rebecca (Jade Harris), and decides to do her own research testing out a range of vibrators and giving her findings out to cyberspace.

Join Amy on her multi-orgasmic journey of discovery as she investigates buzzy toys and gives results from personal experience direct to her viewers in cyber space.

Produced and directed by Astrid Glitter.

Cadence Clearwater as Amy
Jade Harris as Rebecca.

Format: wmv
Running Time: 27 minutes

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