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Glitter Films - Arthouse for Adult Film - 100% New Zealand Made
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"Hi, I'm Astrid Glitter. I'd like to welcome you to GLITTER FILMS.

Reviving the ‘blue movie’ for today’s market is my vision for GLITTER FILMS.

GLITTER FILMS is not a 'how many cum on the face shots can you get in 2 hours' adult film house. I believe there can be art, creativity and quality in adult films - as well as lust and pleasure."

GLITTER FILMS was founded by Astrid in September 2005. Basing the company in Auckland, New Zealand - Astrid became New Zealand's first female porn producer.

GLITTER FILMS is no longer producing content. They produced two full length DVDs, JOHN and Triple-X Vignettes.
It was an New Zealand based adult film studio, passionate about making adult films with a difference.

Our website has been turned off for several years, but as we are appearing in Chris and Eli's Porn Revolution , we have enabled access again for those wishing to find out more.

Please forgive any errors, broken links, broken images or any other stuff that doesn't work as the website was build by hand and has not been maintained for over 10 years. Thanks for your understanding.

Astrid Glitter - a sensible, intelligent, female voice for the adult industry.

What makes GLITTER FILMS different from other adult production houses, isn't just that the productions have a story or great music or that they are produced by a woman - those are just part of the overall GLITTER FILMS vision for its productions. It is about making films that respect the audience and the material which they are portraying. Films that respect the participants and maintain creative integrity. In Astrid's own words:

"I am not really out specifically to push boundaries or make new ones, those all come when you are being true to your own self. I am not out to be controversial or push anything in anyones face, I just think that there is an opportunity for adult films to be so much more than they are, they are so much a part of a lot of peoples lives and it is time that there were some productions out there that were ethically produced.

The influence that the adult world has on peoples sexual confidence and habits is really underrated, as adult producers we have a responsibility to do our part for the community. In our first film, JOHN, for example - I asked for no swearing. You won't find excessive swearing or violence in our films. Even any "oh my god"'s were removed from the script.

Sex is out there, porn is out there - it won't go away - so how about just making ethical porn, advocating safe sexual expression that interests your mind and your pleasure."
GLITTER FILMS is not backed by any major off-shore production house nor any film grant or other sponsorship. Astrid self finances all her productions.

GLITTER FILMS produce all genres of adult film including Guy Love, Girl Love and Hetero themes.

- Click here to read more about GLITTER FILMS debut production, JOHN.

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