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JOHN and Glitter Films in the blogs.

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16 Dec 2009

Ms Naughty Porn for Women Blog

Ms Naughty looks at porn for women, the adult industry and sex in general. 

Porn For Women Retrospective 2009

The year is drawing to a close and thus its time again to take a look back at all the newsy and interesting things that have occurred in porn for women in 2009. ... <read blog

22 Nov 2009

Wellywood Woman

For women who want to make movies, and for the people who love them.

A Twitter Adventure

I couldn’t believe my luck. For ages, I’ve wanted to learn about ... <read blog>

27 Apr 2009

Ms Naughty Porn for Women Blog

Ms Naughty looks at porn for women, the adult industry and sex in general. 

Glitter Films Hot New Zealand Porn! 

Just had to do a blog post to draw your attention to Glitter Films. This is a New Zealand adult film production company that has a number of quality DVDs already out there ... <read blog

22 Oct 2008

MOC Blog

Since 2004: Porn, Sex, Gay Culture and other reasons for library filters.

Porn With Soul

Rising from the glut of content-saturated mediocrity, ... <read blog>

21 June 2007


Fleshbot is a frequently updated and influential web magazine about the pornography--and the sex culture--that digital technology and distribution has made possible.

Kiwi Porn: Glitter Films' "The V-Logs"
by Violet Blue

Contrary to the way it sounds, a "V-Log" is not a femalecentric nut-covered cheese delicacy ...<read blog>

October 10, 2006

Gay Side Shows Porn Blog

A place where some of the hottest gay guys on the web are displayed for your viewing pleasure and some of the greatest gay sites are pimped on a regular basis.




Hot New Kiwi Gay Porn Film Released!

Here’s something that you don’t hear about everyday; the release of a gay porn film from New Zealand! And that’s a shame because Kiwi guys are ever so hot! <more>

October 6, 2006

Gay Sex Blog

A Weblog devoted to gay sex on the 'Net. We cover gay porn, gay websites, cruising, news, blogs, art, and anything else related to hot gay sex.




Women are directing gay porn!

No, really. I didn't get the memo, either. But it's true.
Astrid Glitter, of New Zealand's Glitter Films, has just directed her first "boy-boy" movie, John. <more>

September 28, 2006

"not wrong since 1973"



NZ Movies

Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Fastest Indian, Sione's Wedding... New Zealand films are a joy I'm sure. And now we make porn: <more>



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