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Glitter Films - Arthouse for Adult Film - 100% New Zealand Made
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Home Grown Glitter

Make Money From Your Home Movies!

There are many couples out there that enjoy filming their own home adult movies and secretly dream of becoming a porn star, but are not quite ready to take that jump; well here's a step in the right direction.

GLITTER FILMS will shortly be releasing home movie compilations, for sale in New Zealand and overseas. There will be strict guidelines of course, but if your movie is good enough we will purchase it from you and include it in our Home Grown series.

What To Do

Here's how it works:

  • Send your home movie to us in one of the following ways: Mini DV, DVD, CD, no VHS Video's accepted.
  • Label on the outside of the media with your name and submission date. (ie: on the DVD label or direct to the surface, on the Mini DV label, etc)
  • Obtain consent from all performers shown in the film.
    NB: This information is purely for legal purposes and will not be published and will not appear on the compilations.
    Consent of all parties is required, this can be provided in one of the following ways:
    • Each performer states on camera their name, age at time of filming and consent to the footage being considered for purchase by GLITTER FILMS for release within New Zealand and overseas, and you have entered into all sexual acts voluntarily.
      Performers must be shown on camera holding photo ID showing proof of age (i.e. passport, driving licence), details on the photo ID must be clearly visible. Performers must have been over the age of 18 at the time the of filming.

    • A signed still picture of the each performer holding their photo ID, with written consent, name and age at time of filming on back of the still picture.
  • Print the Home Grown application, complete in full and mail it, along with your movie, to the following address:

    Glitter Films,
    P O Box 90574,
    New Zealand.

Movies/media will only be returned if a stamped address envelope is provided.

GLITTER FILMS will review all movies and if we feel any of the footage is usable for the Home Grown Compilations a contract will be mailed to you along with the terms and conditions.

If we decide to make you an offer to purchase your footage, will require a contract to be signed by the applicant, and additional consent forms may be required to meet the USC Title 18 2257 regulations.


The applicant will be paid per minutes of footage used. This means after we have edited it for content and censorship requirements, the amount of minutes of footage released in the final length. For example, you may send us a tape that is 30 minutes long but we can only use 10 minutes. You will be paid for 10 minutes.



  • All performers must have been over 18 years old at the time the footage was taken.
  • GLITTER FILMS does not condone any illegal material; any received will be handed over to the authorities. Illegal material includes but is not limited to anything involving persons under 18 years old, anything involving animals, anything taken without a persons consent, any acts of violence.
  • GLITTER FILMS advocates' safe sex and encourages condom use. Preference is giving to films practising safe sex.
  • All final complilations will be sent to the New Zealand censor. In brief this means no degrading behaviour, depiction of violence, forced sex, depiction of young persons or illegal activity. For a definition of obscene please click here, but for example the following may be banned by the censor
    • Oral sex where the woman is gagging
    • Water sports
    • A woman dressed as a underage school girl
    • Fisting

      Preference is given to footage that does not include this kind of material. We will edit footage we wish to use for censorship requirements but we are not interested in overtly obscene footage. To reiterate again we will not condone illegal material, it will be handed over to the authorities. GLITTER FILMS is about good wholesome pornography - adults engaged in consentual, respectful, safe sexual activity.

      Make it dirty, make it hot - just don't make it obscene.



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